Galaxy Gives was created by Terri Tura, our Sales Operations Manager. From hallway chats and lunchroom interactions, Terri realized there were Galaxians that wanted to give back to the community, someone just needed to organize it.

Terri didn’t hesitate and within weeks had Galaxy scheduled to serve at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission – leading Galaxy to serve over 8,000 meals. But that wasn’t enough, Terri set her sights higher. She began a partnership with Street Teens so that Galaxy could fill even more plates.

Then, realizing the need in the youngest members of the Vegas community, Terri added reading to kids at a Title 1 School to the Galaxy Gives initiative. Galaxy Gives also holds blood drives for our little buddy, Gavin and all the people in need of blood in our Valley.

At Galaxy, we take our social responsibility seriously and make it our mission to weave our initiatives into our business practices. We’re committed to continually giving back to the community that has given us so much.